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Jewelry Sketches

Design Specifications

We can laser onto wood and acrylic at a maximum size of 400 x 600mm. Please ensure your artwork meets the design specs listed below for successful production.


If you need help preparing your artwork, we're happy to get it ready for production for a small one-off fee. This is £5 per design for smaller items such as keyrings or christmas decorations, or £20 per hour of design time for bigger projects.

File Settings

Please ensure your file is set to RGB.


We can accommodate a maximum size of 400 x 600mm. If you have an item that you'd like repeat quantities of (e.g. keyrings), just send us the design file for one item and we'll lay it out for you.


If you're using the full 400x600mm, try to leave a margin of 5mm around the outer edge of your design to ensure it doesn't get cut off. If there are separate laser cut elements within your design, leave 2mm between them.


If you're UV printing, we can print both vector and bitmap artwork. If your artwork includes bitmap files, please ensure they are at least 300dpi and saved at the resolution you wish to print them.

If your file includes both UV printing and laser cutting, please ensure that your laser cutting lines are on a separate layer titled 'CUTTING'.

File Types

We are able to print from the following file types:








Line Widths and Colours

When preparing your artwork for laser cutting or engraving, you'll need to use different line widths and colours to mark the areas to be cut, engraved or printed.

For laser cutting: 

0.1pt width (hairline)

RGB Red (255,0,0)

For laser engraving: 

Ensure that any areas to be engraved are filled with RGB Black (0,0,0)

For vector marking:
Vector marking is the process of etching thin lines into your piece. These lines are represented by vector lines in your design document. Please use:

0.1pt width (hairline)

RGB Blue (0,0,255)

For UV printing: 

We ask that you add a white base layer to your design - this layer should be filled with white wherever you will be printing your design. We've provided example files below to demonstrate this.

View example images and files

Recommended Software

We use CorelDraw to finalise all our own artwork, and recommend downloading it if you'll be designing a lot of laser cutting items. 

We have access to, and also recommend, Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator. Others often use Inkscape, AutoCAD and Blender for their laser design work. 

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